[Lift Redfern] Final Petitions Attached

Geoff Turnbull geoff at turnbulls.au.com
Sat Feb 11 10:58:12 EST 2012

Dear Lift Redfern people


Attached please find locked versions of the final petitions. They have been
locked to discourage people trying to fill them in electronically as only
those filled in manually count. Please spread them around, put them on your
websites, pass them on to your friends and start letting people know about
it. There are two versions one in portrait and one in landscape depending on
your preference.


The petitions are also on the REDWatch website so you can down load them
from there. I have also created a Who is behind Lift Redfern
lr>  page where organisations and elected officials can be listed as showing
their support. On Friday Clover Moore came on board so we now have support
from six of the ten Councillors. I have written to the other four and
offered them the opportunity to show their support.


If you are on Facebook please visit the campaigns Facebook page and LIft
Redfern Facebook Page
ation-Accessible/310391372341383?sk=wall>  and like it and share it with
your friends. While you are there have a look at Ada Qian's great cartoon
83&type=1&theater> . 


More information will be posted under the Lift Redfern Station
<http://www.redwatch.org.au/RWA/statesignificant/station/>  on the REDWatch
website as it becomes available. There should be a report from the petition
group to the organiser's list soon regarding organisational matters.





Geoffrey Turnbull



Ph Wk: (02) 8004 1490  Mob: 0418 457 392

email:  <mailto:mail at redwatch.org.au> mail at redwatch.org.au 

web:  <http://www.redwatch.org.au> www.redwatch.org.au 


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