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Dear Lift Redfern Supporters,

Thank you for subscribing to the Lift Redfern campaign, you will receive
regular updates and information as the campaign gets under way.

*About Lift Redfern -*  A campaign to get lifts installed at Redfern
Station, under the banner “Lift Redfern”, is being supported by a wide
range of organisations including business, the arts, the Aboriginal
communities, community services, resident groups and local political party
branches. The list keeps growing but you can see it at Who is behind Lift
Redfern <http://liftredfernstation.wordpress.com/about-us/> (Link to Lift
Redfern website). <http://liftredfernstation.wordpress.com/about-us/> A key
part of the “Lift Redfern” campaign is to get the appalling lack of access
at Redfern Station debated in the NSW Parliament and for the Legislative
Assembly to call upon the “Minister of Transport to take immediate action
to install lifts to Redfern Station platforms”. The Premier put in place a
procedure where a 10,000 signature petition would generate a Parliamentary
debate. The campaign does not aim to tell Government how to deliver access
it simply says we want lift access and we want it now!

*The Launch*  - The Lift Redfern campaign will kick off with an *official
launch at 8am on Monday the** 19th March **with “Carriages & Platforms Week”
*, at Redfern Station leading into a month long signature push. Community
members and commuters are urged to come along and support this call for
action and help collect 10,000 signatures for a petition which can then
generate debate in parliament to make Redfern station accessible NOW!

Campaign organisers and volunteers will be gathering signatures in and
around Redfern station during peak times throughout the week.  If you would
like to register to volunteer please click

If you have already registered to volunteer during this week we will be in
touch shortly with more details, so stay tuned!

*Lift Redfern News* - We now have our website, Facebook and Twitter
accounts up and running with the details of "What's On" and how
you can "Get Involved".  To find out what is happening as it happens visit:




Also, attached is an information flyer that can be distributed in directing
people to these sites and community organisations to find out more about
the campaign, as well as our email address where people can submit their
Redfern station stories, pictures, photos, etc.  We encourage you to tell
people about the campaign and ask them to share their stories with us.

Once again thank you for supporting the Lift Redfern Station Campaign and
we look forward to working together to "Make Redfern Station Accessible"

Lift Redfern Organisers
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