[Lift Redfern] Volunteering at the station - "Carriages & Platforms Week"

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Mon Mar 19 22:25:11 EST 2012

Dear Lift Redfern Supporters and Volunteers,

Today marked the launch of the campaign and what a day it has been, but we
still need your help in collecting those vital signatures on the petitions!
 Our target is 10,000 signatures in order to have the access issue at
Redfern station debated in NSW Parliament in April.  To date we have
gathered almost 1,500 so we have a long way to go in the bid to make
Redfern station accessible to all.

*Do you have a an hour you can spare this week to help on the platforms to
gather signatures?* We are meeting between 9am - 11.30am in the mornings
and 3.30pm - 6pm in the afternoons.

If you are not available during these time, let me know when you are able
to volunteer an hour of your time.  You will be provided with a Lift
Redfern t-shirt, information flyers, and those all important petitions on

The campaign has now been covered by South Sydney Herald, Sydney Morning
Herald and MX newspaper as well as being broadcast on ABC and Koori radio

Kind Regards,

Laura Kelly
Lift Redfern
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