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Geoff Turnbull geoff at turnbulls.au.com
Tue May 1 17:03:34 EST 2012

Dear REDWatch Members & Supporters

Lift Redfern has collected in excess of 10,000 signatures and these will be
handed over at a media event to the Member for Heffron Ms Kristina Keneally
at 10am on Wednesday 2nd May at 10am. If you are able to come along and join
in the crowd for the handover you would be most welcome. Our key message of
this event is that Redfern Station needs to be on, and at the top of, the
rail infrastructure works to-do list. Come along and show your support, and
don't forget your Lift Redfern t-shirt if you have one!! You can read the
media release for the handover at

REDWatch this month will be a bit different - it will be a celebration of
the Lift Redfern action! We have invited people associated with the campaign
along and celebrate on Thursday 3rd of May 2012 at 6 pm at the Factory
Community Centre, 67 Raglan Street, Waterloo, NSW, 2017. A small buffet and
refreshments will be provided followed by a short round table discussion to
reflect on what worked well, identify any lessons learned and check in where
from here to help us further develop this campaign and any other future ones
we may be involved with. We would like REDWatch members and supporters
involved in the campaign to also come along. As catering is involved io It
would be appreciated if you could RSVP to Michael Shreenan
MShreenan at the-factory.org.au to assist us with working out catering numbers.

I have previously sent around information about the SMDA’s exhibitions of
their Affordable Housing Strategy and their early works at North Eveleigh
for the Affordable Housing. REDWatch is looking to collect feedback on these
plans so we can make a submission. If you have any comments then please
email them to me. We can also discuss them informally on Thursday during the
Lift Redfern Celebration or come to the REDWatch Co-ord Group on Tuesday 8th
May at 5.30pm at the Royal Hotel where we will be discussing this. Any
interested member is always welcome to attend the monthly REDWatch Co-ord
Meeting. You can see shorts I did for SSH on Affordable housing here - SMDA
Releases Affordable Housing Details
<http://www.redwatch.org.au/RWA/bep2smda/ahousings/120501ssha>  and
Affordable Housing in North Eveleigh by 2015
01sshb> .

Sydney University have submitted their reworked proposals for the
Abercrombie Street Business School to the Department of Planning and expect
the plans to go on exhibition in a couple of weeks’ time. In the meantime
you can get some idea of what is proposed from
http://sydney.edu.au/abercrombie_precinct/about/project_gallery.shtml. The
VC has responded to criticism in the SSH University of Sydney responds to
criticism <http://www.redwatch.org.au/issues/usyd/120501sshg> . One thing
which has become apparent during recent discussions with the Uni is that
while Sydney University has previously expressed interest in North Eveleigh
for student accommodation, it is now looking to locate more student housing
within its existing campus. It has not ruled out interest in North Eveleigh
sites when they go to market but seems not as desperate to obtain them as

We are still waiting for Housing NSW to clarify if they will do an
exhibition of their Preliminary Masterplan, hopefully in conjunction with
the SMDA BEP2 study mid-year and after the finalise with the new planning
controls. We expect to hear back from them this week.

Groundswell is looking for people who are involved in different groups
around Redfern Waterloo that are interested in improving their skills and
becoming more effective as change makers. The Challenge 4 Change course is
being planned to provide people with a range of skills to help them be
better community organisers. I have attached the information from
Groundswell. Please consider if the course might be of use to you or if you
know others who might benefit from it if you passed it on. For more
information contact Mike on 9698 9569 at the Factory or Bill on 9319 4073 at
South Sydney Community Aid.

REDWatch Next month - 7 June - the SMDA have been invited along to talk
about the Facilities Review they did last year that is to be included in the
Social Impact Assessment Scoping report.

Also for June please save the date of Thursday June 14 for a gathering of
family and friends in memory of Trevor Davies. It will be held at Tripod
Café, Abercrombie St, Darlington 6-8pm. FREE. ALL WELCOME. Finger food and
snacks. BYO. Donations to the SSH gladly received.





Geoffrey Turnbull



Ph Wk: (02) 8004 1490  Mob: 0418 457 392

email:  <mailto:mail at redwatch.org.au> mail at redwatch.org.au 

web:  <http://www.redwatch.org.au> www.redwatch.org.au 


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