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Dear REDWatch Members & Supporters

As earlier advised the REDWatch September Meeting on September 6th will be a
roundtable discussion on Place Management. There has been a lot of interest
in this session as it would appear that there are discussions going on
within council and government bodies. There have already been place based
initiatives in Redfern and Waterloo which have not met expectations and
thought is going into new initiatives. What is Place Management? Has it
worked elsewhere? Do Place managers get real power to fix problems? Can it
help deal with the complex issues of Redfern and Waterloo? Can it help
address antisocial behaviour? These are some of the questions we hope to
discuss. You can download an introductory sheet, recommended by David Lilley
from HNSW/DFS on Place Management from The Smith Family
df>  for some pre discussion reading.

The round table discussion will be assisted with some input about Place
Management in different places and forms. Lesley Unsworth, the Fairfield
Council's Place Manager for Bonnyrigg will join us as will John Maynard from
Sydney Council and hopefully some of those with an interest in Place
Management from HNSW/DFS Major Projects. Dom Grenot will talk about his
experience at Northcott in Surry Hills and Glen Atkins will talk about The
Mercy Arms experience. We have asked some other people but the proximity of
Council Elections mean some are unable to attend.

In Friday's sydney magazine there was a great article by Stephanie Wood on
gentrification in Redfern Waterloo and it gives many cameo stories of people
and places in the area. If you did not get last Friday's SMH you can see the
online article There Goes The Neighbourhood
<http://www.redwatch.org.au/media/120831smhsm>  or see a 5.3MB scanned copy
of the print article on REDWatch with more photos at There Goes The
Neighbourhood - Sydney Magazine pdf

The Lift Redfern debate was held on 23 August 2012 at 4.30pm the NSW
Legislative Assembly. You can see the transcript of the debate under Lift
Redfern Petition Debate Transcript
lr> . The Lift Redfern Organisers will need to meet to discuss the next
stage of the campaign. We can now explore the use of an electronic petition.
One option following from the debate is for a petition calling for a lift
immediately on platform 11&12 and for a timetable from the government for
the full station upgrade. It seems from the Minister's response that
Transport for NSW will not meet the Federal requirement of having 55% of the
network accessible by the end of 20123 so that may also open up some
options. We expect there will be follow up stories this week in the South
Sydney Herald and Central.

Eveleigh Heritage might get greater protection after Council on 20th August
past a motion asking council to explore the role it can play on the site
especially in relation to getting the lapsed Heritage Taskforce going again.
After some discussion with Irene Doutney she moved a motion and with some
modification at council it was passed unanimously. The passed motion read:

(A) Council note the February 2012 Eveleigh Railway Workshops Interpretation
Plan and Implementation Strategy, prepared for the Redfern-Waterloo

(B) Council request that the Chief Executive Officer prepare a report on
what role Council can and should play in protecting and promoting heritage
in the significant heritage precinct of the former Eveleigh Railway
Workshops, including convening a meeting of the former Redfern Waterloo
Heritage Taskforce members, Carriageworks and Heritage operators on the site
(Wrought Artworks & 3801 Ltd) to explore possible mechanisms for setting up
a new government and community based heritage body to replace the Redfern
Waterloo Heritage Taskforce; and 

(C) the Lord Mayor write to the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure
requesting a meeting and seeking a commitment from the Government to review
the plans for the Eveleigh site, including protection of the Eveleigh
Railway Workshops.

The latter point was expanded out to enable the Lord Mayor to have a broader
discussion about North Eveleigh with the Planning Minister. The Lord Mayor
as already written to Minister Hazzard in support of REDWatch's concerns
about any development at North Eveleigh without the transport study required
in the concept plan approval.

I hope you can come along and join in the round table discussion on place
management on Thursday 6 September at 6pm at the Factory Community Centre 67
Raglan Street Waterloo.




Geoffrey Turnbull



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