[Lift Redfern] Appologies from REDWatch for Sundays email

Geoff Turnbull geoff at turnbulls.au.com
Tue Sep 4 19:11:33 EST 2012

Dear Lift Redfern Supporters


I write to apologise that I inadvertently sent you an email intended for
REDWatch Members and Supporters on Sunday evening last. I have just
discovered this error.


REDWatch hosts the email list for Lift Redfern. It should never have been
used to send you anything about REDWatch. 


Lift Redfern is an independent campaign owned by a wide range of groups and
it has its own membership and Co-ordinating Group. 


REDWatch is just one member of the Lift Redfern and while I am asked from
time to time by Lift Redfern to speak on behalf of Lift Redfern, this was
not one of those times.


Please accept my sincere apologies for this error and for any inconvenience
or confusion that it has caused.





Geoffrey Turnbull



Ph Wk: (02) 8004 1490  Mob: 0418 457 392

email:  <mailto:mail at redwatch.org.au> mail at redwatch.org.au 

web:  <http://www.redwatch.org.au> www.redwatch.org.au 


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