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Wed Feb 27 12:40:41 EST 2013

Dear all,

Phase #2 of the Lift Redfern campaign is now underway!

Since the parliamentary debate in August last year regarding the lack of
accessibility at Redfern station, and a petition of over 11,000 signatures,
the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan has been released. It recognises
that an upgrade at Redfern is needed but sees it as only a medium-term
priority, which optimistically means we could be waiting another 5 – 10
years for any work to begin at the station, which we all know simply isn’t
good enough.

We ask that you continue to support the campaign by signing the online
petition requesting the immediate installation of lifts on platforms 11 &
12 as an interim measure as well as a definite timeframe from Government as
to when work will start on a full upgrade of the station.  Please follow
this link to sign a letter to the Minister for Transport NSW and President
for the Legislative Council of NSW and share with your friends, family and
colleagues. *

As well as the online petition requesting a lift on platform 11 & 12 we are
also looking at new exciting and creative community initiatives to bring
people together and catch the Government’s attention.  If you have any
idea’s for projects please let us know!

Let’s work together to ‘Make Redfern Station Accessible’ Now!

**If you would like to get involved with the campaign please email us at **
liftredfern at gmail.com* <liftredfern at gmail.com>* or alternatively you can
keep up to date with all the campaign’s latest by following us at **
www.facebook.com/LiftRedfern* <http://www.facebook.com/LiftRedfern>* or **
https://twitter.com/LiftRedfern* <https://twitter.com/LiftRedfern>* or
visiting our website: **www.liftredfern.wordpress.com** *

Kind Regards,


Lift Redfern
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