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Dear Lift Redfern Supporters

We are writing to ask you to let your network / membership know about the
Change.org petition Lift Redfern: Make Redfern Station Accessible

While we achieved over 11,000 physical signatures in our push to put Lifts
at Redfern on the Governments radar last year our follow up online petition
this year to try and get a response from Government has not received
similar support. We are giving the petition one last big push. So if you
have not yet encouraged your network to sign the on-line petition please do
so. If you have already done this then please send out a reminder.

Another State Budget has been delivered and there is still no sign of any
lift access at Redfern. Representations are being made to the Minister
about putting a lift onto the underground platform as an interim measure
but nothing has so far eventuated. The comments people made when they
signed the petition underline how important this issue is to many people –
you can see these at the bottom of the petition page!

Each time someone signs the petition it sends an email to the Minister and
to the Leader of the Legislative Council. It is time to remind the Minister
that this issue has not gone away and that we are waiting for a response.

On line petitions work well when those that care about the issue and sign
them also share their concerns with their friends. You can do this by
emailing your friends or encouraging people to sign in your social media
networks. On the Petition site under the details of the details of how many
people have signed there are tools to help you to spread the word. So
please take a few minutes to think about how you can spread the word about
the need for Lifts at Redfern station and the petition to the Lift Redfern:
Make Redfern Station Accessible

The online petition is asking the Government to  announce a commitment for
the Redfern station upgrade with a clear and definitive timeframe for its
completion; and as an interim measure immediately provide lift access under
the NSW Transport Access Programme to the physically separate underground
platforms 11 & 12 as lifts on these platforms are not dependent on a
station upgrade.

The link to share to the petition is: Lift Redfern: Make Redfern Station
Accessible Now!<http://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/lift-redfern-make-redfern-station-accessible-now>or

*If you would like to get involved further with the campaign please email
us at **liftredfern at gmail.com* <liftredfern at gmail.com>* or alternatively
you can keep up to date with all the campaign’s latest by following us at **
www.facebook.com/LiftRedfern* <http://www.facebook.com/LiftRedfern>* or **
https://twitter.com/LiftRedfern* <https://twitter.com/LiftRedfern>* or
visiting our website: www.liftredfern.wordpress.com*

The next Lift Redfern Co-ord Group Meeting is on Tuesday 9th July at 5.30pm
at Club Redfern, 159 Redfern Street.

Thank you for your support of the Lift Redfern Campaign

Geoff Turnbull

For the Lift Redfern Organisers
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