[Lift Redfern] Lift at Redfern Opens Monday 30 Nov at 12 noon!

Geoff Turnbull geoff at turnbulls-au.com
Sun Nov 29 18:31:42 EST 2015

Hi Lift Redfern Supporters


After collecting 11,500 plus signatures, a Parliamentary debate, another
petition and countless hours from Lift Redfern organisers and supporters and
the whole community the good news is that on Monday 30th November at midday
Redfern Station will finally have one lift!


I thought I would let you know so you can celebrate in your own way! 


REDWatch will be celebrating the Lift on Sunday 6th December at 2pm at the
Alexandria Hotel as part of our end of year party - you would be welcome to
join us if you wished! The Alexandria Hotel has announced it has to cease
trading on 20/12 - case of save the building loose the pub!


While there is no firm commitment to lifts on all platforms at Redfern there
has been a suggestion that when the Gibbons Street exit is reorientated to
exit on to the North rather than the east that this will make it possible to
put a lift onto platform 11 &12.


We also understand that UrbanGrowth are currently looking at some options
for Redfern station that might provide lift access.


You can see a photo of the finished lift on the photos on the home page of


Congratulations to everyone that helped get Redfern's first lift - Enjoy!





Geoffrey Turnbull

Ph: (02) 8004 1490  Mob: 0418 457 392

email:  <mailto:geoff at turnbulls-au.com> geoff at turnbulls-au.com 


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