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Hi Lift Redfern People

Six years ago we started the Lift Redfern Campaign that delivered one lift
at Redfern and you were one of the people that helped make that happen.

REDWatch has arranged for its meeting on Thursday 1st March to focus on
Redfern Station and we thought you might be interested in knowing about it
and coming along.

Laura Kelly who was active at South Sydney Community Aid in the Lift Redfern
Campaign will give an introduction to the earlier campaign and we will then
have Transport for NSW talking about the Upgrading of the Station and City
Rail talking about changes proposed for the Gibbons / Lawson Street

Below is a copy of the email that we have sent out to REDWatch members and
supporters which has more details including some of the issues we have asked
TfNSW to address. We have also attached a flyer / poster to put up or pass
on to others who might be interested.

Our apologies in advance for any cross overs with our REDWatch lists.




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Dear REDWatch Members, Friends and Agencies

Redfern Station

The March REDWatch meeting will focus on Redfern Station. Representatives
from Transport for NSW (TfNSW) will attend to discuss what is happening
about a Redfern Station upgrade and Sydney Trains will attend to discuss the
Gibbons / Lawson Street entrance improvements. Come and hear about proposals
to address the issues at Redfern Station. The Redfern Station meeting is at
the Factory Community Centre 67 Raglan Street Waterloo on Thursday 1st March
2018 from 6-8pm. Bring your questions and your ideas about what should
happen. A flyer is attached to promote the event or you can promote it on
FaceBook via How do we lift Redfern Station in 2018?
5d%7D%5d%22%2C%22has_source%22%3Atrue%7D> . The meeting is public and anyone
can attend. Initially we intended to invite representatives of major local
institutions to present at the meeting but TfNSW wish to conduct its own
discussions with those institutions about their needs before everyone is in
the room together. 

If you are unable to attend on March 1st or wish to follow up with a
conversation we are trialling an informal catch up on the Saturday morning
following the REDWatch meeting. This month it will be at the Pride of
Redfern Espresso in Lawson Street opposite Redfern Station at 9 am see
REDWatch Coffee Catchup - Redfern Station
5d%7D%5d%22%2C%22has_source%22%3Atrue%7D>  to promote it.

Despite promises over the last 15 years that Redfern Station would be
upgraded, the issues surrounding the upgrade have kept it in the too hard
basket. Growth in the usage of the station and the arrival in 2020 of 10,500
more people to the Mirvac ATP redevelopment for Commonwealth Bank adds to
the need to address the access and safety issues associated with Redfern
Station. The one lift gained from the petition with 11,500 signatures
received in the Lift Redfern campaign in 2012 is nowhere near adequate and
was always intended as an interim step not a full solution. 

Earlier details of the Lift Redfern Campaign and previous plans for
upgrading Redfern Station are on the Redfern station Tab
<http://www.redwatch.org.au/RWA/statesignificant/station/>   at the top of
the of the REDWatch website. We have provided TfNSW with the list below of
the issues / questions which we believe people will want to hear addressed.
These questions focus on the planning controls and some issues identified
earlier about the station. There are many more questions we are sure you
will want to ask!

1)          What problems need to be addressed at Redfern station? i.e.
platform widths etc.

2)          At various points it has been suggested moving the station might
be easier than upgrading. Is this option under consideration? 

3)          What needs to happen to make Redfern Station accessible from all

4)          Where does the rebuild of platforms 6&7 fit in to the process?

5)          What needs to happen to address safety compliance at Redfern
station on both above ground and below ground platforms?

6)          Heritage issues at Redfern Station have been a consideration at
every stage - has TfNSW discussed these with the Heritage Office and what
are the considerations that will need to dealt with in assessing options?

7)          What is the proposal to change the Gibbons St entrance to face
Lawson St? 

8)          What are the plans for the proposed building above the Eastern
Suburbs line opposite the police station? How does this mesh with 7)?

9)          The current controls made provision for a civic space facing
Gibbons Street? How does this fit with current thinking and 7) & 8)?

10)       What is the current thinking about a bus interchange for Redfern

11)       Is Marion Park still safe from redevelopment as per the existing

12)       Is the airspace above the station being considered as part of a

13)       What is the status of the proposals for new murals around the
Eastern station entrance how does this mesh with 7) 8) and 9)?

14)       Progress on the southern entry concourse from / to the ATP. Will
this be a non-ticketed concourse as well as a station entrance?

15)       What might happen on the western concourse building owned by UG
NSW DC on Little Eveleigh St? Is it planned to be a civic space or a new

16)       Is Little Eveleigh Street suitable for the main western exit from
the station or is the walkway around the back of the buildings on TfNSW land
still under consideration?

17)       What is the Redfern Station Registration of Interest (ROI) and
what does it cover?

18)       What is City Rail and TfNSW each responsible for in changes in
Redfern Station and the surrounding precinct?

19)       Is / Are there current unsolicited proposals for Redfern Station?
How will unsolicited proposals mesh with the ROI process?

20)       What is the current timeframe for work at Redfern Station? In 2003
the community was told that unless the RED Strategy (later RWA) went ahead
we would not see a new station until 2011!

Waterloo Redevelopment

Family and Community Services (FACS) Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC)
have released a FACS / LAHC Waterloo redevelopment newsletter - February
which contains a quick snapshot of the Visioning engagement. The snapshots
says LAHC's consultants engaged with approximately 1570 participants (1,115
face to face and 455 through surveys) and about 50% of the participants were
public housing tenants. Agencies and residents have expressed concerns about
the Visioning process. Even if the participants were unique rather than
having multiple interactions and the public tenants only came from within
the redevelopment area, the LAHC consultants would have at best engaged 1 in
3.35 of the 2,630 registered tenants impacted by the development. This is
closer to 1 in 5 of the people who probably live on the estate. It is hoped
that heading into the options testing, where people will see firmed up
proposals for the redevelopment, a greater proportion of the public tenants
impacted will be engaged.

The report on the visioning is due out in the next couple of weeks. Also
scheduled for release soon are the executive summaries of all the studies
that have been undertaken by consultants over the last 9 months. LAHC has
been asked to arrange briefing / discussion sessions on the main studies so
people can get an understanding of what consultants are recommending and
why. Discussions of how this might happen are still underway. Community
Capacity Building activities are also scheduled over the next two months
leading up to the presentation of options. If you have suggestions or would
like to get details about the capacity building program then Thomas on
cb at innersydneyvoice.org.au <mailto:cb at innersydneyvoice.org.au> .

Waterloo Human Service Plan discussions between Government and
Non-Government are now also underway. On 20th February 2018 an initial
meeting was held for presentations on the proposed framework and what the
process aims to achieve. It was encouraging to hear the head of LAHC
reflecting back the goals for a human services plan that REDWatch and other
agencies have been requesting - see Waterloo Human Services Plan
<http://www.redwatch.org.au/RWA/humanservices/wloohs> . The initial session
also included some exercises about what people thought about the facilities
that might be needed. Given the short time available for this discussion
REDWatch holds the view that agencies who do not feel they had the
opportunity to raise their issues should send their thoughts to
HSPlanWaterloo at facs.nsw.gov.au <mailto:HSPlanWaterloo at facs.nsw.gov.au>  and
ask for them to be passed to GHD, the Social Sustainability consultants. You
can see the last GHD study covering this subject for UrbanGrowth Community
Infrastructure and Social Issues Review - September 2015
<http://www.redwatch.org.au/RWA/bep2smda/sia/150901c2e/download> . The
second session on the Human Services Plan will be held in March and it will
focus on what plan outcomes agencies want and what changes they want to see
to the way human services operate in Waterloo. If your agency did not get an
invitation to the February session and you want to participate in the March
session please contact HSPlanWaterloo at facs.nsw.gov.au
<mailto:HSPlanWaterloo at facs.nsw.gov.au> .

Presentations from last REDWatch Meeting. You can see the slides from the
Sydney Metro presentation on the REDWatch website Sydney Metro Presentation
on Waterloo Station Construction - 1 Feb 2018
<http://www.redwatch.org.au/RWA/Waterloo/metro/180201sm/download> .
UrbanGrowth did not have a visual presentation and LAHC is updating its
presentation and it should be on our website soon.

Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) has circulated a draft of the report
from its forum last year to participants and reported to the Human Services
Plan Meeting. We will add the report to the REDWatch website when finalised.
A follow up Waterloo forum is being prepared for 4th May 2018. A broader
SLHD EquityFest forum is being held at NCIE in Redfern on 2nd March - for
details see
https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/slhd-equityfest-2018-tickets-42111023204. We
are also pleased to let you know that Kristian Reyes has now started as the
SLHD Healthy Living Link Worker covering Redfern and Waterloo. This is a
role REDWatch, Counterpoint and Inner Sydney Voice have been trying to get
established for many years. The role aims to help people understand and
navigate health services and to address systemic problems involving Health.
We welcome Kristian to Redfern and Waterloo.




Geoffrey Turnbull

REDWatch Co-Spokesperson

Ph Wk: (02) 8004 1490  Mob: 0418 457 392

email:  <mailto:mail at redwatch.org.au> mail at redwatch.org.au 

web:  <http://www.redwatch.org.au/> www.redwatch.org.au 


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