[REDWatch Heritage] ATP Heritage Open Days Fri 16 and Sat 17 May

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Hi All


A quick not to remind / alert you to the opportunity this Friday and
Saturday to visit the ATP and have a look at the heritage and hear some of
the stories. ATP are also holding a ATP Heritage Community Days on Friday,
16 & Saturday, 17 May 2014 to celebrate the Park's rich heritage. This is an
ideal opportunity for the community to find out about the heritage on their
doorstep. Step back in time to a bygone era with live Blacksmith
demonstrations, hear stories from a past Eveleigh Railyard worker, explore
train and bus displays, see an industrial heritage art exhibition and enjoy
Devonshire Tea. Tours run at 10am, 12pm and 2pm from the Locomotive
Workshop. To register your spot on a tour please email
communications at atp.com.au or visit www.atp.com.au/heritage-community-days
for more information. Below you will find an email from the ATP promoting
the event.  


In other heritage news the ATP have finalised their Conservation Management
Plan (CMP) and it was endorsed by the Heritage Council on 20 March 2014. You
can download the CMP here
spx>  along with the Appendices Part A here
>  and Appendices Part B here
Y.pdf.aspx> . Information about ATP Heritage policies can be found at


We are still waiting for UrbanGrowth NSW to post details of the preliminary
consultations they had last year on Central to Eveleigh which includes the
ATP and North Eveleigh. I have met with Troy Daly the new Programme Director
from UrbanGrowth NSW responsible for the now named Central to Eveleigh Urban
Renewal and Transport Program
n-renewal-and-transport-program.aspx> . In the near future they should post
on this site the Central to Eveleigh Urban Renewal Area Baseline Analysis
and the Community Consultation Report summarising outputs from the
consultation late last year. You can find out more about Central to Eveleigh
on the REDWatch website under Rail Corridor Expansion
<http://www.redwatch.org.au/RWA/corridor>  – here there are links to the
UrbanGrowth Central to Eveleigh Presentation to Property Council
<http://www.redwatch.org.au/RWA/corridor/140307ctevid> a couple of screen
shots shown when it was shown on Chanel 9 news. UrbanGrowth told the South
Sydney Herald that there had been little feedback since the images were made
public on March 8, 2014. Hopefully this was not taken as community
acceptance of the graphic showing the building in Eveleigh - After Urban
Growth Indicative Built Form
<http://www.redwatch.org.au/RWA/corridor/140307ug2/view>  built over the
locomotive workshops!


On the North Eveleigh side there is now a community North Eveleigh Working
group meeting monthly to keep tabs on this part of the site. If you are
interested in being involved then please let me know.


I hope you can find time to visit on one of the ATP Heritage Days.





Geoffrey Turnbull



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From: Moira Saunders [mailto:M.Saunders at atp.com.au] 
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To: Moira Saunders
Subject: Experience Sydney’s rich industrial past at ATP


Experience Sydney’s rich industrial past at ATP

“We used buckets to wash. Workers would heat up a piece of steel and dunk it
in the water to warm it up. We had just three minutes to clean ourselves.”

Richard Butcher worked as a Blacksmith at Eveleigh Railyards in the 1950s,
now the site of Australian Technology Park (ATP). Mr Butcher will be sharing
his stories of a bygone era at the ATP Heritage Community Days on 16 and 17
May as part of the National Trust Heritage Festival.

“Blacksmithing was a challenge - it was very hot and there was no
refrigerated water on site or showers. We would be able to stand up a pair
of overalls like suits of armour because of the coal and oil.”

Mr Butcher worked on site for six years and will be sharing more fascinating
stories about ATP’s industrial past at the ATP Heritage Community Days.

“ATP recognises its rich past,” he says. “There were 4,900 people that
worked here so my role as a tour guide for this event will capture the
activities and the history that once was. The park still is a hub of
activity and workers in a modern day setting and it is fantastic that the
park continues to celebrate its industrial history.

“My grandfather and father both worked for the railways and I really enjoyed
my time working here so I am looking forward to inviting the community to
share this experience of what the Park used to be like.”

Richard will be joined by other passionate volunteers and is inviting
families to the free ATP Heritage Community Days on Friday, 16 and Saturday,
17 May 2014. Tours will run from the Locomotive Workshop at 10am, 12pm and

There will be real Blacksmith demonstrations by Wrought Artworks and train
displays courtesy of ATP tenant 3801 Ltd where everyone will be welcomed
aboard to explore restored historical train carriages and engines.
Devonshire tea will be served in the buffet with a backdrop of 1920s train
memorabilia and décor.

“The Eveleigh Rail Yards was one of the largest of its kind and produced
some of the finest steam locomotives in the world. This space represents a
unique part of Sydney and Australia’s industrial heritage and it is
fantastic that the public can access it,” added Mr Butcher.

The Locomotive Workshop at ATP has been kept predominately in its original
state and is easily accessible to the community being a short walk from
Redfern Station. 

For more information visit  <http://www.atp.com.au/heritage-community-days>

Australian Technology Park is home to a range of businesses leading the way
in innovation, science, technology and media. The onsite ATP Conference
Centre also attracts world class events in a unique heritage setting.



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2 Locomotive Street, Eveleigh NSW 2015


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