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Hi All


Further to my email yesterday, below please find an email to stakeholders
from UrbanGrowth NSW advising that the consultation workshop report from
last year are available on the UrbanGrowth website. The Central to Eveleigh
Urban Renewal Area Baseline Analysis should be added to this site within the
next two weeks. With this material in the public domain the opportunity will
be there for the broader community to comment on the material and the issues
raised. Further community engagement is being planned currently by

As you can see from the email below Kerrie Symonds at UrbanGrowth NSW  has a
stakeholder email list and I suggest that you advise Kerrie of your interest
in Central to Eveleigh and ask to be added to the list for further
information. Note also that Kerrie also has a new email address.

As mentioned in the last email I hope you can find time to visit on one of
the ATP Heritage Days tomorrow or Saturday.




Geoffrey Turnbull



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From: Kerrie Symonds [mailto:ksymonds at urbangrowth.nsw.gov.au] 
Sent: Thursday, 15 May 2014 7:27 AM
Cc: Troy Daly
Subject: Central to Eveleigh Urban Renewal and Transport Program: Initial
Stakeholder and Community Engagement Report

Dear Stakeholder,

You may be aware that in late 2013 UrbanGrowth NSW, as the lead Government
agency responsible for the regeneration of government owned land in the
Central to Eveleigh corridor, held three workshops as part of an initial
stage of investigation into long term regeneration of the Central to
Eveleigh rail corridor.

The first workshop was the Government and Major Landholders Meeting with
representatives of government agencies and major landowners. Workshop two
was the Sub-Regional Community Workshop and involved randomly selected
community members from the inner suburban sub-region. The third workshop,
the Local Community Workshop, involved representatives from key community
based organisations and groups from the local area.

I am pleased to be able to advise that the report which summarises the
consultation activities and outcomes is now on the UrbanGrowth NSW website.
Please follow this link to access the report: central2eveleigh.com.au

To summarise, the common themes that emerged from the workshops that
participants would like to see driving the regeneration of the Central to
Eveleigh precinct in the future were:

1.	Community Participation: Embed community participation as a core
value in planning and future investigations for the corridor.
2.	Global Sydney Precinct: The regeneration potential of the corridor
means that the Central to Eveleigh corridor has a critical part to play in
the planning and development of central Sydney including its potential as a
tourism gateway to the greater Sydney region 
3.	 Better Transport Infrastructure: Preserve and renew Central and
Redfern stations as world class facilities while accommodating long term
operational transport needs. Improve connections across the corridor to
universities and regeneration areas  
4.	 Employment, Education and Innovation: Leverage the area's special
attributes associated with technology, education, the arts, creative
industries and support services for the health sector. 
5.	 Social Infrastructure: Ensure that social infrastructure such as
schools, health services, aged care and community facilities are addressed
properly at the beginning and throughout the planning and regeneration
6.	 Remove Barriers and Revitalise Public Spaces: Create connections
across the rail corridor to improve connectivity, permeability, walkability
and accessibility. Revitalise and activate public spaces to create safe,
vibrant places and new green space.  
7.	 Respect, Celebrate, Promote and Conserve a Proud Heritage: Enhance,
protect and conserve heritage buildings to celebrate the area's rich
8.	 Sustainable Living and Design: Integrate land use with transport
infrastructure, social and economic sustainability, green star and
excellence in building and urban design. Promote walking, cycling and less
car use together with an effective parking strategy
9.	Diversity and Integration: Ensure diversity and integration not just
in building form and urban design but also community. This includes having a
diverse range of housing types including terraces and apartments as well as
housing suitable for different incomes and groups such as affordable,
social, aged and student housing.

A hard copy of the Initial Stakeholder and Community Engagement Report is
also available for perusal at the Australian Technology Park office, Suite
3220 (Bay 4), Locomotive Workshop, Eveleigh.

We will keep you updated on future engagement activities and investigation
regarding the Central to Eveleigh Urban Renewal and Transport Program.

Please let me know if you DO NOT wish to receive emails regarding the
project in the future.

Kind Regards


Kerrie Symonds

Central to Eveleigh Urban Renewal and Transport Program

P: (02) 9841 8637 

M: 0433 832364


Urban Renewal Division Office,

Level 16, 227 Elizabeth Street

Sydney NSW 2000

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