[Lift Redfern] "Carriages & Platforms Week" signature count

Lift Redfern liftredfern at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 12:53:10 EST 2012

Dear all,

I am pleased to say that it was a very busy week in and around Redfern
station, and to all those who made it to the station I would like to say a
big thank you!! Without your time and efforts we wouldn't of been able to
gather those all important signatures.

The total signatures gathered on the platforms during last week was *2,540*.
 This is a great results as we only had on average 3 people covering each
shift.  This count does not include all the other petitions that have been
distributed or the petitions that have been downloaded from the website.  We
will release our first “Official Tally Room Results” later this week so
stay tuned.

The good news is there are still plenty of people on the platforms who have
not signed the petition yet, the Lift Redfern working group is currently
organising more petitioning opportunities for people to get involved in.
The more people we have out there the more signatures we will get!

If you are able to spare an hour or so this week please let me know, we
appreciate all the help we can get.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Kind Regards,


Lift Redfern
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