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Dear REDWatch Members & Supporters

A quick note to let you know that the SMDA has finally placed on exhibition
its Draft Affordable Housing Strategy and Program which covers North
Eveleigh and the BEP2 area. They have also placed on exhibition the Review
of Environmental Factors the SMDA has had prepared to start early works on
North Eveleigh to deliver the 61 units of Affordable Housing recently
announced by the Federal Minister to be delivered withy HAF support. You can
read the media release here
ces/Media_releases/180416North%20Eveleigh%20HAF.pdf> ..

Draft Affordable Housing Strategy and Program - Until 24 May 2012

The SMDA Draft Affordable Housing Strategy and Program provides the
strategic policy framework to facilitate the achievement of affordable
housing supply in Redfern -Waterloo. It nominates priorities for expenditure
of Affordable Housing Contributions, the first priority of which is the
North Eveleigh Affordable Housing Project. Copies of the draft Redfern
Waterloo Affordable Housing Strategy and Program are available here.

Early works and infrastructure works for the North Eveleigh Affordable
Housing Project - Review of Environmental Factors (REF) - Until 15 May 2012

These documents give some indication of what is proposed for the delivery of
the Affordable Housing at North Eveleigh. The works are proposed at the
western end of the North Eveleigh site, adjacent to Wilson Street in line
with the building blocks, roads, infrastructure works and demolition of
buildings approved in the North Eveleigh Concept Plan. The works proposed

.        the construction of a two way vehicle site entry in the location of
the existing entry; 

.        the construction of a two way road parallel to Wilson Street,
between the site entry and the Carriage Workshop building; 

.        associated car parking, footpaths and landscaping; 

.        telecommunications, electricity distribution, stormwater management
and sewer and water reticulation works

.        demolition of the Timber Shed extension, Reclamation Shed and Air
Raid Sheds to allow for the construction of the road and water reticulation
works; and 

.        remediation of land (as required) in the path of the infrastructure
works and the land to be developed for affordable housing. 

The works will also include the reinstatement of existing rail tracks in the
new road and the retention of timber from the Timber Shed extension for
future use on the North Eveleigh site. 

Additional pedestrian entries from Wilson Street into the site and open
space areas will be subject to further planning approvals. These are
expected to be assessed in association with residential development on the

A Draft Review of Environmental Factors (REF) has been prepared by JBA
Planning to assess the environmental impacts. These works are being carried
out under Part 5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979
(meaning they do not need a development application, much like other public
utility works don't need a DA).  However, the SMDA must consider a Review of
Environmental Factors (REF) prior to undertaking the works which assesses
the environmental impacts of the works. The REF will be finalised following

The draft REF is available for download here
ces/On_exhibition/REF_North_Eveleigh_Infrastructure.pdf> . The Appendicies
are available for download below.

Appendix A: Engineering and Landscaping
Appendix B: Stormwater
Appendix C: Heritage Impact Statement
Appendix D: Site Audit Report
Appendix E: Draft Site Audit Statement
Appendix F: Preliminary Construction Strategy

The REF can also be inspected at the Redfern Neighbourhood Centre 158
Redfern Street, Redfern (9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday and 9:00am to
12:00noon Saturday). For full details about submissions etc visit the SMDA
website www.smda.nsw.gov.au/latest-news/exhibition. 

I have already gone to SMDA asking for clarification if the Clothing Store
in included in the delivery of the 61 units of affordable housing as
inferred by figure 2 in the Storm Water Management Plan. 

If you have any questions or comments please get back to me and I can seek
any clarification required from the SMDA. 

We are particularly interested in comments from those across affordable
housing policy who can advise of any issues they can see with the proposals.





Geoffrey Turnbull

Ph: + 61 (0)2 8004 1490  Mob: 0418 457 392

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